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Privatna stomatoloska ordinacija
Dr Fedor Marjanski


This is also one of very important segments of our practice. It concerns healthy gums and surrounding bone tissue. Almost every second patient has some type of periodontal problem, even if it is a simple tartar removal. In order to preserve surrounding teeth tissue, various types of periodontal procedures are performed. Those procedures can be from simple or deep cleaning, to surgical procedures necessary to compensate for lost bone or gum tissue. Only the most contemporary materials are used, all of them imported because they are not manufactured in Serbia.

In case that the teeth are not intended for grinding and crown work, they must be connected and tightened after the surgery. This is achieved by the armature at the back of the teeth which is glued with composite materials. This procedure inflicts minimal damage to the teeth. The static effect is as if the teeth were connected by the bridge.





Some patients expose their gums while smiling or laughing. This can be seen as an aesthetical disadvantage if the gums are not in healthy condition, or if the crownwork is imprecise and of poor quality. The patient alone can be dissatisfied if the necks of teeth are seen while laughing, or teeth themselves are too short. This aesthetical problem is successfully solved by surgical procedure called “lengthening of clinical crown” and includes partial removal of gums and bone from the exposed side of the tooth.





REGENATIVE PERIODONTICS – THE BONE. Vertical bone defects around the tooth can be filled with bone replacements which stimulates bone regeneration around the tooth.





REGENATIVE PERIODONTICS – GUMS. Often we find exposed necks of the teeth on the outside. This type of defect is restored by transplanting the soft tissue from the surrounding area onto the exposed root, or by transplanting the tissue from the palate.





Stomatoloska ordinacija Dr Fedor Marjanski